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Mens Watches
Mens' watches inlaid with gold or diamond-studded; it's all here. From Rolex to Audemars Piguet, the world's top brands in mens' watches are constantly being stocked and updated at TraxNYC. Take it even further by customizing your diamond watch: our expert in-house jewelers will take care of the rest.
Womens Rings
Womens Rings
Womens' diamond rings and gold rings, to simple and chic silver -- our collection of women's rings carries the latest styles in every variation imaginable. Rings for every occasion: wedding and engagement rings, gemstone to pearl. Design your own custom ring by visiting our Custom page.
Mens Pendants
Pendants that pair perfectly with gold chains -- we've got all your favorites, from diamond crosses and dog tags to steel pendants. Enhance your look with a fresh new pendant.
Custom Made
Custom Made
Seeking a custom ring, watch, or pendant? Our in-house jewelers have decades of experience and have designed and modeled hundreds of customized pieces using diamonds, gold, platinum, and more. Visit our Custom page to have your unique jewelry piece tailored to your exact specifications.
Mens Chains
Mens' gold and diamond chains are one staple that will never go out of style. Find your perfect chain here -- our selection of chains range from black diamond to gold and silver, and even Rosary chains. Choose a chain from our carefully-curated selection today.
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Most Expensive Rubies in the World

Aug 15, 2014

The Mandalay Ruby

madalay-ruby The Mandalay Ruby is one of the most impressive ruby in the world: What has made his fame is its weight: 48,019ct, and its origin: the Mogok Mine in Myanmar which is the best deposit for rubies. Its origin gives a very nice hue and an extreme clarity : it has an intense red that is close to the “pigeon blood red”, the most sought after color for rubies, and is almost flawless. Its weighs 48,019ct and has been estimated at $15 millions by Sotheby’s in October 1988, but because of the lack of bidders at the auction, the Mogok Ruby didn't find any buyer. Although it comes from Mogok, the ruby is called “the Mandalay” because it is the name of the historical city and last royal capital of Myanmar, 60 miles away from the Mogok Mine.

The Carmen Lucia Ruby

Carmen-Lucia-RubyThis Mogok Ruby weighs 21,3ct and is set in a platinum ring, surrounded by diamonds. The gorgeous vivid red is enhanced by the extraordinary transparency of the stone and its cut. This ring has been ordered and donated to the National Museum of Natural History of NYC by Peter Buck - nuclear physician and wealthy co-founder of Subway restaurant - in memory of his beloved wife.

The Graff Ruby

The English jeweler Laurence Graff bought a cushion cut Burmese ruby of 8,2ct for $3,6 million at Christie’s auction in 2006. Graff is famous for buying a lot of the most beautiful diamonds that have been sold at auctions. With his unique talent, Graff set the Burmese ruby into a ring, that he probably sold to the Sultan of Brunei, a loyal customer of Laurence Graff since his beginning. graff-ruby The Ruby is still considered as more valuable and rare than high-quality diamond: one of the reason is that ruby deposits are rarer than diamond deposits and high quality ruby deposit are even rarer. The other main reason why it is more valuable than diamond is that the colorformer of the ruby is Chromium, which gives a really nice red to the stone, but also curbs/slows its growth : a big ruby is really exceptional and prices rise really quickly. The “record” dates back to 1988, when Sotheby’s sold a 16ct ruby for $227,301 per carat...

Here's some Pigeon's Blood Red and vivid red rubies: 12863 12865 31063 [wzslider]

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Yellow Gold Rope Chain 28 Inches 3mm 19.1.Grams
Item 36078 Yellow Gold Rope Chain 28 Inches 3mm 19.1.Grams $1,190.00
08/05/2014Q: Hello, I wonder if it is possible to have this chain, but with a width of 4 mm? If you can what would be the price?
A: We do have a 4mm rope chain and the price is $1150.00, If you have any other questions or need help placing and order please feel free to contact me directly, Thank You!
Scooby Doo Custom Pendant
Item 32730 Scooby Doo Custom Pendant Priced by Inquires Only
08/05/2014Q: Hi I am interested in the Scooby doo pendant item number #32730,I would like to know what is the price for it and is it for women thank you.
A: he price for this Scooby Doo pendant is $1375.00, It a custom made pendant. It will take about 4-6 week to be made. If you have any other questions or need help placing and order please feel free to contact me directly, Thank You!
Prong Set Pyramid Ring
Item 7081 Prong Set Pyramid Ring $395.00
08/04/2014Q: Hi I am very interested in these items, what are the appraisal value of ITEM#7081,
A: The appraisal value is going to be the retail value price that you see on the bottom of the price. If you have any other questions or need help placing and order please feel free to contact me directly, Thank you!
Joe Rodeo 2000
Item 274 Joe Rodeo 2000 $1,350.00
A: It only come in white stainless steel, If you have any other questions or need help placing and order please feel free to contact me directly, Thank You!