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Diamond Weight 19.80 ct
Diamond Clarity SI1, AAA
Diamond Color G, Black, Canary
Cut Round
Length 36 inches
Width 5 mm
Setting Bezel & Prong
Metal 10k Gold
Weight 53.70 Grams
Cross: 1.4 inches Wide, 1.9 inches Tall
This one-time-only item, an proud part of our complete Diamond Chains collection, is one of the newest and most stunningly creative additions to our top quality inventory of only the finest diamond jewelry. These fantastic stones are a great price for their size. The diamond color is G, Black, Canary; paired with a quality of SI1, AAA that makes this Chain an exceptional value.Everyone will covet your incredible Chain made of exceptional solid 10k Black Gold. It weighs a more than respectable 53.70 grams. This item can be yours now for just $5,670! To see more items like this one, visit our Diamond Chains collection. Ever heard of Trax's Custom Jewelry? At TraxNYC you'll come to see that anything is possible, so click the link and get making your own stunning pieces with the help of our Custom Jewelry craftsmen today!
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Price: $5,840.00

Bank Wire Price: $5,548.00

Retail Price: $18,400.00!
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Canary and Black Diamond Rosary 36 Inches 5mm 54 Grams 19.80 ct

Women’s Sterling Silver Charm Pendants

Dec 16, 2013 

sterling silverWomen’s charm pendants have been captivating us humans for generations. The ancient Egyptians believed these would keep away evil forces and provide protection to them. Charms have been used as amulets to protect and defend their owners for centuries in many different cultures. These have evolved over time, but are still one of the most popularly worn pieces of jewelry. These days, charm pendants are worn for many different reasons. A common and affordable setting for diamond charms is sterling silver, which is not only an elegant setting, but the tone of the metal provides a true versatility to any piece, allowing it to be worn at all sorts of occasions.

Women’s sterling silver charm pendants are certainly a simple yet beautiful addition to any outfit and can light up a simple look. These charms come in many different designs, so feel free to express yourself with a charm that showcases who YOU are. Whether you want to portray your spiritual side with a cross charm or your fun loving nature with something upbeat like a dolphin, the options are endless.

Sterling silver charms also come in a range of colors; if you’re a fan of shades that pop, play up your look with vibrant charm pendants with gemstone settings such as rubies, emeralds and sapphires. If you like to go big with your accessories, charms are just the thing to help you achieve that bold and edgy look that other pieces of jewelry can’t. With designs ranging from simple keys and hearts to the option to fully customize, you can get yourself any design you can think of!

TraxNYC’s large and elegant collection of sterling silver charm pendants is sure to be an amazing addition to your wardrobe. Choose from designs such as symbols of love-hearts, to charming elephant charms that will add a hint of fun to your ensemble. Based in New York City at the heart of the diamond district, TraxNYC receives shoppers from all over the globe. To meet the demands of our clients we also feature the option of online shopping on our website. We pride ourselves on presenting to you the finest diamond jewelry in the market.
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