Length 30 inches
Width 6 mm
Metal Black Stainless Steel
Weight 98.00 Grams
This unbelievable item, an integral part of our complete Stainless Steel Chains collection, is one of our newest and most affordable additions to our quality inventory of the finest diamond jewelry. Please consider this amazing Stainless Steel Chains item at the unbeatable price of $100. To see more items in this range visit the Chain section. TraxNYC: Your No.1 source for Diamond Jewelry.
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Black Stainless Steel Chain 30 Inches, 6mm, 98 Grams
Q: Are these Franco chains 100% real and do they fade?
A: Thank you for contacting TraxNYC. These chains are made of real stainless steel. Generally it is difficult to find non-authentic stainless steel. Yes, as with all black colored, it can fade over time (several years) and can be re-dipped to get back its original color. Having the jewelry re-dipped is inexpensive. If you have any other questions or need help placing an order please feel free to contact us directly.