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Length 24 inches
Width 6 mm
Metal Black Stainless Steel
Weight 82.10 Grams
TraxNYC specializes in Stainless Steel and can create a custom Chain for you using the materials and quality of diamonds of your choice. With a specimen as sublime as this one, there's no doubt that you will be in the spotlight each time to you decide to flaunt this Chain.
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Black Stainless Steel Chain 24 Inches, 6mm, 82.1 Grams
Q: Are these Franco chains 100% real and do they fade?
A: Thank you for contacting TraxNYC. These chains are made of real stainless steel. Generally it is difficult to find non-authentic stainless steel. Yes, as with all black colored, it can fade over time (several years) and can be re-dipped to get back its original color. Having the jewelry re-dipped is inexpensive. If you have any other questions or need help placing an order please feel free to contact us directly.