Custom Jewelry - Sponge Bob Pendant

SI1 G,Can.. 6.10ct 10k
$6,000 $3,599

Custom Winnie the Pooh Pendant

SI1,AAA Red,B.. 0.40ct 10k

Bart the Skater Pendant 2

SI1 G-H,C.. 2.91ct 10k

Large Papa Smurf Pendant

SI1-VS2 G,Red.. 12.16ct 14k
$8,835 $2,910

Papa Smurf Pendant

SI1 Red,B.. 3.55ct 10k
$3,900 $2,289

Custom Tazmanian Devil Pendant

Priced by Inquires Only
Custom Sushi Diamond Pendant Metal

Custom Sushi Diamond Pendant

SI1,AAA G,Blu.. 2.48ct 14k
Priced by Inquires Only
Cat Fish Diamond Pendant Metal

Cat Fish Diamond Pendant

VS1,AAA F,Bla.. 4.90ct 10k
Priced by Inquires Only

Custom Jewelry - Zelda Link Pendant 2

VS2 Green 3.50ct 10k
$5,000 $3,650

Custom Jewelry - Street Fighter Blanka

SI1 G,Red.. 4.05ct 10k
$5,700 $3,900

Hulk Diamond Pendant 56405

VS2 G,Blue 100.00ct 14k
Priced by Inquires Only