Diamond Watches NYC and Beyond

November 4, 2010 at 12:30 pm

Diamond watches continue to be phenomenally popular here at TraxNYC. Some would attribute this to rising gold prices – gold cannot be used extensively in diamond watch manufacturing so stainless steel is used in even the most expensive diamond watches – but we think there’s more to it than that.

Diamond Watches, Joe Rodeo, Aqua Master

Over the past few decades diamond watches have progressively grown in craftsmanship, style and technique to the point that our current selection of diamond watches is almost unrecognizably stunning to us. The current competition in the diamond watches market is driving diamond watches manufacturers towards new diamond jewelry heights.

Yesterday we showed you some of our new diamond watches from NYC based manufacturers and designers like Aqua Master diamond watches and Joe Rodeo diamond watches. Today we will take a look at some of our more global diamond watches that we provide our customers with straight out of our NYC showroom and explain to you how you can make your diamond watch totally unique with custom jewelry NYC.

Our Casio G-Shock diamond watches are one of our most popular diamond watches choices here at TraxNYC. Casio is a premier Japanese technology brand that has been developing and creating crazy G-Shock watches since the mid-eighties. However our G-Shocks are so in demand because of the custom jewelry NYC option that we offer you. You can design your own casing from whatever metal you like, encrust it with the finest diamonds or CZs and custom patterns, no matter how intricate.

The possibilities don’t end with G-Shock diamond watches. You can customize any watch with TraxNYC’s New York City custom jewelry facility. Just submit your idea using the online form and we’ll have our team of skilled craftsmen get to work on your very own diamond watch creation in no time.

Other classic diamond watches that are primed for customization include Rolex diamond watches. These timepiece manufacturing giants know how to produce some of the most stunning jewelry ever seen, but we know how to ice their creations out to their full capability.

Whether you desire the modern diamond jewelry styles of Aqua Master and Joe Rodeo diamond watches or more traditional brands like Rolex, we have it all at TraxNYC Diamond Jewelry Empire, online and in the heart of New York City.