Diamond Jewelry at TraxNYC

October 14, 2010 at 9:16 pm

The history of diamond jewelry can be traced back to ancient Sanskrit times – that’s over 2,400 years ago! But it wasn’t until the Roman and medieval eras that it became popular to incorporate diamonds into jewelry such as into womens diamond rings. Before these times, diamond jewelry was said to have a supernatural quality. For example it was thought that you would achieve victory in battle if you wore a diamond strapped to your left arm.

It wasn’t until 1477 that Mary of Burgundy became the first recipient of a diamond engagement ring. This started a tradition that is still going strong today. But it was the diamond company De Beers marketing campaign, in response to huge diamond finds in South Africa, that really kick started the diamond jewelry and diamond engagement ring industry in the 1930s. De Beers were also the company that coined the famous phrase ‘A Diamond is Forever’ in 1947.

But in our modern age, when people are clinging to their savings more than ever before because of the global economic downturn, it is perhaps surprising to learn that the diamond jewelry business is still booming here at TraxNYC. But why would you be surprised? With diamond jewelry prices like these you’d have to be crazy not to buy from us!

At TraxNYC we have a whole empire of mens diamond jewelry for you, such as mens diamond watches, mens diamond bracelets and mens diamond earrings. But of course we are also famous for our collection of womens diamond jewelry; we stock diamond engagement rings, diamond wedding rings, diamond Gucci watches – you name it, Trax has it.

Although our disposable incomes may not be as plentiful as they once were, diamond jewelry at TraxNYC is still as affordable as ever. We offer you access to over $300 million worth of diamond jewelry selections, which our company makes available in a manner that is convenient and affordable to you. And we continue to expand with newer, more exciting pieces and categories. From low to high-end items, every piece of diamond jewelry you can imagine is available at TraxNYC.

And when we say every piece you can imagine, we mean it. This is because TraxNYC has an innovative Custom Jewelry feature that allows you to submit your own diamond jewelry designs online for our team of highly skilled craftsmen to manufacture them in our two factories to your specifications. The sky truly is the limit with custom diamond jewelry at TraxNYC.

So when you make your diamond jewelry purchase from TraxNYC – whether it is an elaborate diamond watch or a simple diamond earring – you can be sure that you are continuing in the ancient human tradition of wearing diamond jewelry. And, thanks to TraxNYC’s wholesale diamond jewelry prices, you won’t have to break the bank while doing it!