Mens Diamond Wedding Bands Trends pt 1.

August 31, 2010 at 5:04 pm

If you look attentively, more and more newly wed couples and forsaking the traditional mens gold wedding band for something more ornate. We dont why, but our guess is most likley the availabilty and the indviduality of the mens diamond wedding band selection available on the market today. As most industries we are a leader in that market. Our selection of mens diamond wedding bands is updated on an almost daily basis, starting from something such as a super simple channel mens diamond band or something extremly extravagant such as what you see here.

What really is on the cutting edge is really hard to define since there are so many directions that the market is going in. But what we favor most is some of the mens diamond wedding bands below.

Men's Diamond Wedding Band White Gold 14K Men's Diamond Wedding Band White Gold 14K Men's Diamond Wedding Band White Gold 14 white gold

These three bands feature intricate pave settings, vs diamonds and my most favorite, the satan finnish. What makes satan finnish so special is that it lets the gold take a back seat to the diamosn in the sparkle of the ring but still resonate its presence by leaving the clean lust that only solid gold can deliver.

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