Hip Hop Gold Chains Pt 1

August 25, 2010 at 10:28 pm

Out of all the hip hop jewelry available on the market today, hip hop chains comes in as most wanted. Here is a preview of something brand new from our Gold Chains Section.

Mens Hip Hop Chain – Super Solid Franco

So whats so hip hop about this 340+ gram 14k Franco chain? Well start of with this, if you want one, you can’t get one. Nobody has them, not your jeweler, and not your jeweler’s jeweler (unless your jeweler’s jeweler is us). Why? Well we will tell you why. With a gold price at a record of human history, in a recession thats turning into a depression, who has the money to drop on some monster gold chain that only a gorilla can feel safe in. Manufactures are to busy making 10 gram 10k Franco’s, gold chains that everyone can afford rather then gold chain dinosaurs that you have to be physically fit to wear.

But here is the real kicker, we have a very similar hip hop gold chain on our site:

Gold Chain XL Franco
This chain is about 50 grams less and costs about 2000 dollars more. An obvious question comes up when processes that equation, the answer is because TraxNYC is the KING of hip hop jewelry, gold chains and any other diamond jewelry deal.