I-Gucci Watch

October 22, 2012 at 4:27 pm

Looking for I-Gucci watches? At Trax we’re proud to offer many varieties of the I-Gucci collection. Here’s a small sampling of our I Gucci collection!

For Men

I-Gucci with Black Diamonds on the dial and signature Gucci strip



Special Grammy edition I-Gucci

I-Gucci with 6 carats of diamonds around the bezel


Amazing I Gucci with over 10ct of black diamonds


White I-Gucci watch (turned off)


Very cool canary and black diamond I-Gucci watch


Red I Gucci watch for men


Black I-Gucci with understated diamonds around bezel


Copper I-Gucci watch with Gucci stamping on band

More men’s I Gucci watches


For Women 

I-Gucci with black and white diamonds for women


Pink I-Gucci with diamond bezel


White I Gucci watch, full diamond bezel


Red-hot I Gucci!


Simple black I Gucci watch with sparkling diamonds


Basic black I Gucci for women

More women’s I Gucci watches


As one of few online retailers offering the I Gucci watch collection, we also offer fully customizable timepieces: add diamonds or other gems and create your own unique customized watch or select from our carefully cultivated collection of men’s I Gucci or women’s I Gucci watches.