Diamond Cross – Celebrating Faith

August 10, 2011 at 10:10 am

As you stare out of the window you see the shadows of the past years flicking across the golden sunlight. The memories of the past bring tears to your eyes and a smile on your face. Yes, you had a good life, loving parents, smart kids and most of all a life partner who have made your life journey a fairytale in itself. You thank the Almighty God for all the beautiful gifts he has showered upon you, and feel blessed. And now as you look back you want to give something extremely special and symbolic to your beloved to show her that God has certainly be kind to you by blessing you with someone like her. Celebrate your life and your faith in God by presenting your beloved with a shimmering Diamond Cross and mark your love for an eternity.

Ladies Diamond Cross Pendant White Gold 10k Round Cut H-I Color SI3 0.33ctDiamonds are forever, and the glittering stones in a Diamond Cross potray that your faith will last a lifetime. You can display your undying love and affection to your sweetheart through a glorious Diamond Cross and at the same time display your unquestioned faith in God. Apart from being a symbolic representation of your believe in God, these cross are an elegant piece of jewelry that can be worn with formal as well as casual attire.

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