The Rolex Life

December 21, 2012 at 11:09 pm

Imagine yourself at the hottest new club in town, and you’re on the VIP list.  We’re talking Table Service, Top Shelf, Celebrity Status.  You’re in the company of A-list stars, athletes, tycoons—and you are the life of the party.  Someone leans over to you and says “Nice watch”.  And you just nod.

Rolex watches are made to fit a certain kind of lifestyle.  Dress for the job you want, be it wealthy business mogul, Hip Hop artist, underwear model.   Sky’s the limit.

Rolexes at TraxNYC are fully customizable to match your personal style.  Downplay your look with a more classic design, or totally ice it out like the one in this picture.

What time is it?  It’s Go time.