Completely Engaging

December 20, 2012 at 9:09 pm

This custom made three band Diamond Wedding Ring is a complete dream.  Its Center Stone is a very rare, high quality 2 ct colorless diamond.  The three separate bands can be worn together to form one large and spectacular piece.  Sparkling diamonds run all the way around each band.  In short, this piece is for the high budget shopper seeking perfection.

We staged this Instagram photo by filling an Egyptian ashtray – a gift from a valued client — with over 300 ct diamonds to give the ring an ageless setting.  Talk about a priceless shot.

We at TraxNYC love dealing in wedding and engagement rings, because they become a lasting part of our clients.  They represent love, in the most perfectly symbolic way.  A beautiful ring means a lifetime of compliments and unforgettable memories.