Our Favorite Custom Pieces Pt. 2 – Andy

July 26, 2010 at 5:07 pm

This Custom Pendant was a redesign of a smaller silver pendant we already had on the site, item # 9237. For our customer we made the design from 18K gold, and set it with canary diamonds and red diamonds. Andy, our E-bay manager, explained that he liked this custom pendant because it shows you don’t need a totally original plan to make your own custom jewelry; but can tweak and change one of the many diamond rings, gold bracelets, or silver earrings we have on our site or one that you find elsewhere.

On the left side was the wax model of the gold pendant we printed on our 3D printer so the customer could review it and suggest any changes in size and design. On the right is the finished piece. This was an interesting custom order as most people don’t want gold jewelry that swings around on its own. But this custom pendant was made so you could bring any sign into the selector. It freely spins but has just enough tension so that Sagittarius you are talking to doesn’t become annoyed when she looks down and sees some Crab staring up at her.