Audemars Piquet or Audemars Piguet?

September 18, 2012 at 9:33 pm

According to Google, the term “Audemars Piquet” (that’s with a Q) gets over 9,900 searches per month worldwide. I’d understand if their logo made the G look like a Q but it’s clearly a G here:

Given that, it’s a surprising number of people who misspell the famed watchmaker’s name into search engines. Where did the Q come from? Is it possible that so many people around the world just made a mistake?

Upon further research, I came across this intriguing image on a watch forum

The watch above is clearly labeled with a “Q” in Audemars Piquet! On the forum, someone chimed in with this gem:

Audemars Piquet for Stowell & Co. Boston; Circa: 1890(maybe this refers to a company called Piquet owned by Stowell & Co useing Audemars movements.)

So it seems Stowell & Co were trying to ride off the popularity of the real Audemars Piquet watchmakers by calling their watches something very similar. It’s possible they used the Swiss company’s watch movements as well.

Mystery solved? I think so!