Hip hop jewelry trends

September 25, 2012 at 6:37 pm

Readers, we need your help. Hip hop jewelry is hot and is here to stay, but what’s going out on the streets and on top of the charts today? Send us your local pictures (traxnyc.ad(at)gmail.com) of people rocking hip hop jewellry and it could be featured on this blog. For now, let’s take a look at the latest urban fashion scene.

Fabulous as always, Rihanna is no stranger to jewelry and black diamonds. Performing in her favorite pair of Henry Holland shades and rocking dark lipstick, dark nail polish, black jewelry and an armband, she’s one trendsetter to watch out for.


Swizz Beats is looking mighty fine with his hip hop chain. Now that’s what I call bling.


One the the last people I’d expect to rock hip hop bling: Nicole Richie rocking a hip hop cross and iced-out necklace.


Kevin Hart, seen here wearing a tasteful gold chain, men’s bracelet, and diamond watch. Without any of these accessories, his look would seem a little too simple and sparse. He’s got just the right amount of bling on, in my opinion.


So that was a little taste of what the celebrities are wearing in the hip hop jewelry world. What about you or your local city? What’s hot in your neck of the woods? Send us your local pictures (traxnyc.ad(at)gmail.com) of people rocking hip hop jewelry to be featured on this blog. We’d love to see what’s hot to you and the latest street fashion.