Custom Jewelry

May 21, 2012 at 7:47 pm

As you all know TraxNYC is one of the most recognizable names in the jewelry industry. World renowned for our custom jewelry, here at TraxNYC we have made a name for ourselves that is well respected by both our customers and our competitors. Our custom jewelry is unlike any other in the industry and with each project we complete the bar is set higher and higher. Our phenomenal team of custom jewelers is always here to assist our customers with every last detail and request.

TraxNYC does not believe in holding back when it comes to ones creative capabilities. We actually enjoy creating pieces that will occasionally cause a little controversy. We have created everything from crack cooking doughboys (see item# 27945 on our website) to wearable cartoon characters. Gold and diamonds, silver and cubic zirconia, no matter what your budget is, we can create something for you.

Our step by step process allows our customers to work alongside our custom design team so they never feel like they are being left in the dark or have any unanswered questions.

There are 5 stages in the custom jewelry process:

–          Choose your project

–          Production quote

–          3-D Model

–          Finalize production

–          Project completion

Choose Your Project: Bring in a photo or a sketch of what you are looking to have done. Or if you have an idea, feel free to discuss it verbally with us. At TraxNYC our jewelers have the amazing ability to take an idea and run with it, so if you were to come in with a blank canvas, you better believe we would be able to paint you an extraordinary picture.

Obtaining A Production Quote: Once your project is reviewed by one of our custom jewelers they will prepare a price quote for you. TraxNYC offers competitive rates on all items, let alone their our pieces. So don’t be surprised if your search for an affordable custom piece of jewelry stops here. I can assure you that you won’t find prices like this anywhere else.

Model Deposit: The 3D model deposit is one of the first steps of production and once it is complete one of the members from our custom jewelry team will be able to present you with a model of what the end result product will be.
Finalizing Production: Once a 3D model has been completed and meets every single one of your expectations. We will submit your jewelry request to out manufacturer, who will then produce the final product.
Project Completion: Come in to TraxNYC to pick up the final product and fall in love!

As you can see from some of these custom pendants, the work that is done here at TraxNYC is impeccable. Here are some of our newest silver and cubic zirconia pieces that were created by some of our amazing customers. Each of these pendants started off as an idea…and four weeks later…voila! They are like little works of art!

As you can see TraxNYC never fails to deliver. So if you are looking to turn an idea into your own custom mini masterpiece, set up an appointment with one of our custom jewelers today!