TraxNYC Diamond Jewelry Empire @ MTV

March 13, 2012 at 8:13 pm

As you all know, last week Justin Bieber turned 18 and there was not one media outlet that did not run a Justin Bieber birthday story. From the tabloids to the late night television talk shows, everyone had a little bit of Birthday Boy Bieber fever, including TraxNYC!

TraxNYC was approached by MTV because we made Justin Bieber’s birthday wish list. Not only does this kid have talent but he has taste too! So in an exclusive interview with our Vice President Paul Mazza, MTV stopped by TraxNYC to take a look at some of our amazing watches and one particular pendant that is sure enough to make the young prince of pop music’s heart skip a beat.

By the way, if you haven’t already (what are you waiting for?), check out the interview by clicking the Video/Picture below:

TraxNYC Jewelry Empire at MTV

The 26.15 carats alone in this pendant will make your jaw drop. This XL Bulldog Pendant is made of 14k white gold and completely encrusted with round cut, white, canary, pink and black diamonds in a pave setting. This XL pendant weighs in at 69.00 grams. Worthy of Mr. Bieber himself? I think so.

What is the total cost of this Bulldog pendant, you ask? A whopping $18,200.00! I’m sure that is pocket change for the unstoppable Bieber who aside from making music has built an empire consisting of everything from perfume to nail polish. Good thing he has so many adoring female fans!

I know what you’re all probably thinking though, “Of course Justin Bieber would have an $18,200.00 pendant on his birthday wish list, he can afford it!”

Well, let me just clear the air, TraxNYC has a huge array of diamond pendants just like this one. Anyone and everyone who has superior taste can enjoy a diamond pendant of their own even if they aren’t working with Justin Bieber-like budget.

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