Custom Diamond Jewelry

November 12, 2010 at 8:49 pm

The option to create a personal piece of custom jewelry is one that more and more of our customers are choosing here at TraxNYC. The idea of owning a completely unique piece of diamond jewelry is too much for many to resist, especially when you couple that with our amazing prices and our unique 5-Step, risk-free custom jewelry production system.

That’s right, in five easy steps an exclusive piece of custom jewelry — designed and overseen by you — can be yours to own. Today we will take you through a quick summary of these five steps that can make your diamond jewelry dreams become custom jewelry reality.

Step One: Choose your project
Choose your project on our custom jewelry page and upload an image of your idea. Don’t hold back; be as creative as you can be. Our experienced custom jewelry craftsmen are ready for any diamond jewelry challenge.

Step Two: Obtain a production quote
A custom jewelry specialist will review your submitted project and prepare a price quote for you. With our extensive diamond jewelry industry experience utilization of the latest manufacturing techniques, at TraxNYC we can offer you the most competitive rates.

Step Three: 3D Modelling Phase
You are now ready to begin the first production phase of your custom jewelry project called the 3D-modelling phase. Your personal custom jeweler will produce a realistic 3D model of your diamond jewelry creation using which you can inform him of any changes you might like to make.

Step Four: Finalizing production
Now that your 3D model has been perfected, your custom jewelry project will be submitted to our diamond jewelry factory for manufacturing. This is a completely risk free process. Our machinery is mapped to the same software that produces our 3D models, so your final custom jewelry piece will appear exactly as it did in the 3D modeling phase.

Step Five: Completing the project
The manufacture of your custom jewelry piece is now complete! You can opt for having the merchandise delivered to your location or feel free to pick it up from our famed Diamond District headquarters in New York City. You are now the proud owner of a completely unique, state-of-the-art piece of diamond jewelry.

That’s it! Five simple steps to custom jewelry satisfaction with TraxNYC.