Our Favorite Custom Pieces Pt. 1 – Paul

July 23, 2010 at 4:57 pm
Paul’s Favorites

We went around the office asking some of our staff what some of their favorite pieces are. This is great because you get introduced to some of the people who work here at TraxNYC in Manhattan’s Diamond District (and trust me these people here are characters!)
Paul is our VP of Sales, he’s the rock this place is built on. It works out well since hes about 6’2″ and tough as hell. His favorite is one of our Custom Watches, by Benny & Co.

This is Item# 12322

“Not everybody makes custom watches you know, not even most folks.” So if you are into getting something no one else has, I’d say talk to Paul, he can set you up with something that will have everyone wondering where they can get one too. And you can imagine their faces when you say “Nowhere, its the only one like it.”