6 Outrageous Stories about Diamonds & Jewelry (guess which are true!)

June 29, 2012 at 9:28 pm

diamondDiamonds and jewels have, throughout history, been used in almost all economies as valuable pieces for barter. They have stood the test of time as status symbols and displays of wealth. Here are 6 scandalous stories about diamonds and jewelry — try to figure out which are true and which aren’t! As they say, truth is oftentimes stranger than fiction…


1) Graverobbers in Scotland awaken buried woman when they try to steal her jewelry.

In the early 17th century, Marjorie Elphinstone died and was buried in Ardtannies, Scotland. When grave robbers attempted to steal the jewelry interred with her, the deceased surprised the heck out of them by groaning. The robbers fled for their lives, and Elphinstone revived, walked home, and outlived her husband by six years.

STATUS: True, amazingly! (source)

2) Clocks and watches in advertisements are perpetually set at 10:10 time to commemorate the death of JFK.

Many people have heard this rumor. Unfortunately this one is not true. It just so happens that 10:10 is the most aesthetically pleasing time to set a watch so that the manufacturer’s logo can clearly be seen.

STATUS: False (source)


3) There exists a spa that gives clients “massages” with over $1 million worth of diamonds — and it costs $25,000. diamond massage

An American company who offers spa treatments to celebrities and the Hollywood elite has developed a brand new style of massage which uses over $1 million (£639,775) worth of loose diamonds.

The spa, located in Santa Monica, California has joined forces with diamond manufacturer Hearts on Fire to create and deliver their new ‘Dream Girl’ diamond-based massage treatment. The luxury treatments are carried out in the comfort of the clients’ home. One can receive this polished diamond treatment for a cost of $25,000 (£15,999). Celebrities with a taste for fancy facials, expensive hairstyling and other beauty treatments are the main target customers.

STATUS: True, unfortunately — who would want to be given a massage with the hardest material in the world? Ouch. (Source)

4) If you get a titanium ring stuck on your finger, the only option for removal is amputation.

People have heard for ages that titanium, especially strong aircraft grade titanium, is impossible to cut through and if one’s fingers should swell up wearing a ring made of the material, one would have to wave good-bye to their finger. Fortunately, this isn’t true. It’s said that unscrupulous jewelers tried spreading that rumor when the material became popular for rings. While it is a strong metal, in my eyes it can’t beat the luster and warmth of real gold.

STATUS: False (source)


5) Goldschlager liqour contains gold that creates tiny cuts in your insides, making you drunker quicker. 

Goldschlager has long been a liquor for those that want to celebrate with a little bling in their drink — the alcoholic beverage actually contains little bits of actual gold. However the claim doesn’t stand up: the gold contained is a very soft material without any sharp edges, thinner than a sheet of paper — plus it doesn’t contain much of the gold at all. Gold flakes, when consumed in moderation, turns out to be harmless when consumed.

STATUS: False (source)

6) An oil prince owns a Mercedez Bens, covered entirely in diamonds with a worth of almost $5 million. 

Although the photographs are stunning, this claim is only partially true. The car was created not for a Saudi prince but for an auto show. And they’re not real diamonds but crystals.

Use of real diamonds would have put the value of the car much higher than $5 million. Still, the value of the car and the crystals exceeds $1 million — nothing to sneeze at in the slightest!

STATUS: False (source)


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