TraxNYC is Expanding its Line of Aqua Master Diamond Watches

October 12, 2010 at 8:17 pm

TraxNYC is excited to announce that we are expanding our line of Aqua Master Diamond Watches. Aqua Master has long been a staple of our diamond watch and Hip Hop Jewelry collection. Now with the addition of these stunning new pieces, the hundreds of Aqua Master watch models at TraxNYC offer a piece of fresh hip hop jewelry for everyone in every price range.

Aqua Master Watch Company was started by three brothers with a passion for watchmaking. First they created 50 styles and sold everything within five business days to local watch boutiques in New York City, the home of TraxNYC. The three brothers took this opportunity to hire a staff of professionals in the creation of several other models which marked the birth of Aqua Master.

Aqua Master has been in operation in the Diamond Watch and hip hop jewelry industry since 1999. After a decade as a market leader in womens and mens diamond watches you can be sure that you are getting a real head-turner when you buy an Aqua Master diamond watch from TraxNYC.

What sets the Aqua Master watch brand aside from the rest is the unique designs and exotic mechanisms the watches utilize to match their hip hop jewelry styles. A prime example is the Aqua Master with a Swiss automatic movement, a very rare and expensive mechanism in the diamond watch market today. Aqua Master diamond watches merge a look of modern elegance with hip hop jewelry styles, and their diamond-laden cases make a statement that no other diamond watch can match.

As with most of TraxNYC’s hip hop jewelry, many world famous celebrities have come to realise that Aqua Master diamond watches can be a prized possession for them to own. Among these are huge names like 50 Cent, Justin Timberlake, Dre, Timbaland and Jay Z — and that’s only naming a few of Aqua Master’s hip hop jewelry customers!

So check out our new line Aqua Master diamond watches at TraxNYC today. We have some impressive additions such as the Aqua Master Skeleton Watch with a stunning bezel of 7.25ct diamonds on a white stainless steel base, or check out the Iced Out Aqua Master Octagon Watch 14.50 ct of genuine diamonds. This is hip hop jewelry at its finest.

As you can see we have huge amounts of new stock at TraxNYC and there’s more coming up every day. So stay tuned for more news because at TraxNYC we’re always keeping it fresh.