Hip Hop Jewelry Trends PT.4 Wood Jesus

October 7, 2010 at 3:33 pm

TraxNYC is a diamond hip hop jewelry super store featuring around 14 thousand pieces of diamond jewelry valued at a little over 25 million dollars. That being said you can understand why we would be a little hesitant to feature wood jewelry next to  iconic hip hop jewelry pieces such as the 250 grams of gold in the  XXL Hip Hop Jesus Pendant . Regardless of our reputation, vast inventory or diamond jewelry expertise wood has made it onto our diamond jewelry empire, but only in one form the, Wood Jesus. Why a wood Jesus, most likley a combination of 2 reasons we can look into below.

With gold prices breaking records on a daily basis, having a piece of gold jewelry has become an unrealistic luxury for allot of people. And even if you can afford the price of gold, you can get allot more action out of your expendable money on electronics clothing and other goods. However unattainable gold is now, something must take its place. Well whats second to gold jewelry? Everyone knows it silver, but in the Jesus head department its wood. Well now we must consider how a Wood Jesus can respectably replace what had been usually gold and diamonds.

Their is only one force powerful enough to sway a very materialistic public from traditional gold Jesus  into wood Jesus and the force is celebrity. With super star athletes like Lebron James and Hip Hop Jewelry masterminds like Kanye West and many others publicly supporting their wood Jesus you can say the wood Jesus trend caught fire (no pun intended). Well if its hot in the Hip Hop Jewelry industry then we will feature it, whether it made out of wood  or anything else (almost anything else). So join in on the trend with your own wood Jesus in our brand new wood Jesus section, for $18 you cant go wrong.