Diamond Jewelry News – The Hunt for Diamond Engagement Rings

October 27, 2010 at 7:52 pm

Diamond jewelry is more popular than ever, so much so that a scavenger hunt held in Boston last week – which hundreds of couples participated in to find the prize of a $20,000 diamond ring – has received huge media attention. At TraxNYC we know all about the current popularity of diamond jewelry because we have more and more expectant customers flocking to us every day.

We can only assume that the couples in the Boston scavenger hunt wanted to use the diamond jewelry prize as an engagement ring – although it doesn’t seem like the most romantic way to propose! Here at TraxNYC one of our most popular items of diamond jewelry is the classic diamond engagement ring. Our diamond engagement rings can come individually or in ‘his and hers’ sets.

All agree that diamond engagement rings at TraxNYC sit at the pinnacle of diamond jewelry excellence. But that doesn’t mean that they will cost you an arm and a leg; we have options for customers on any diamond jewelry budget. Even our lower end items are of the highest quality because our Diamond District location and industry connections allow us to provide diamond jewelry to you at the lowest possible prices, the same standard of diamond jewelry that you will pay exorbitant prices for on other websites or in stores.

Among our high-end diamond jewelry engagement rings is the 3.53ct Ladies Enigmatic Engagement Ring Set. This stunning set is retailing at TraxNYC for $19,900 – an amazing value for the weight of diamonds that are VS1 quality and set upon 18K white gold. This set could cost you up to $60,000 at any other diamond jewelry outlet, completely dwarfing the value of the rings that those couples were hunting for in Boston!

However not everyone has $20,000 to spend on their engagement rings these days. That’s why we have a ton of alternatives for you within our extensive collection of diamond jewelry at TraxNYC. Take a look at our other diamond jewelry options such as the Ladies Square Crown Pave Ring for just $405! This comes complete with 0.86ct SI diamonds in prong, bezel and pave settings. This multi-faceted diamond engagement ring is sure to sparkle on any occasion!

There’s no need to run around the streets like a scavenger to find the diamond engagement ring of your dreams, just get on to TraxNYC and choose from one of the many great and affordable diamond jewelry masterpieces that we make available to our customers.