Diamond Watches Update: ‘TraxNYC Watch by Joe Rodeo’

November 13, 2010 at 12:21 pm

We can’t get enough of diamond watches here at TraxNYC. We are adding new diamond watches to our already enormous collection of diamond jewelry and diamond watches. In fact we are so obsessed with diamond watches that we have even put our name to one. That’s right, we would like to introduce the new ‘TraxNYC by Joe Rodeo’ diamond watch, created especially for us by our close friends at Joe Rodeo Diamond Watches.

The TraxNYC Watch is a diamond timepiece that represents twenty-first century diamond watch design at its absolute peak. Featuring a 4.50ct black diamond bezel on icy black stainless steel, you’ll find it hard to believe your eyes when you see this once-in-a-lifetime diamond watch. And we haven’t even gotten to the other features yet, such as its unique carbon fiber dial emblazoned with stunning SI1 diamonds making this one of our most iced out diamond watches in this price range.

The freshest of diamond watches, it also incorporates a three chronograph movement, luminous hands and a 100m water resistance into its design. All this has instantly made the TraxNYC Watch by Joe Rodeo Diamond Watches one of the most sought after diamond watches in our repertoire. Now available for the incredible sale price of $955, this diamond watch will make you look and feel like a superstar for under a thousand dollars!

The TraxNYC Watch can’t fail to inspire you towards fulfilling your diamond jewelry dreams; so when you’re ready to choose an out-of-this-world timepiece from our massive collection of luxury diamond watches, get on to TraxNYC and with our diamond jewelry pedigree we won’t fail to hook you up.