IceLink Watches at TraxNYC

October 13, 2010 at 4:00 pm

Yesterday we told you about our new line of Aqua Master diamond watches. But, while we’re on the subject of hip hop jewelry Diamond Watches, we can’t fail to mention to you our stunning collection of IceLink Diamond Watches here at TraxNYC.

IceLink Diamond Watches are renowned throughout the Hip Hop Jewelry scene as an extreme fashion statement. With headquarters in Los Angeles and the Place De La Metropole in Geneva, they have become a worldwide watchmaking hip hop jewelry phenomenon.

“But what makes IceLink diamond watches unique in the world of hip hop jewelry, what makes them ‘extreme’?” you might be asking. It’s their trade mark, which is to display a variety of different timezones on the face of the watch, for example one large display for your current timezone and three smaller to show a variety of global timezones.

The 10ct IceLink Ambassador Watch is a perfect example. Priced at $12,725 with VS quality diamonds on white stainless steel, this is a seriously fresh piece of hip hop jewelry. The name ‘Ambassador’ is suited to it because it caters for a person travelling to all the hot spots of the world. It has six watch faces elegantly arranged in three rows of two; titled L.A., N.Y., London, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Paris respectively. You need to be a true globe trotter to own this watch!

As with our other diamond watch brands like Joe Rodeo and G-Shock, IceLink Diamond Watches are being snapped up by the biggest name celebs out there. Think Sylvester Stallone, Ashley Simpson, Paris Hilton and Fergie — they don’t get much more famous than that.

And as you can see it’s not just Mens Diamond Watches that Icelink specialize in, they supply Womens Diamond Watches to TraxNYC too. Check out the stunning IceLink Premier Ladies Watch with its eye-catching VS diamond bezel and yellow stainless steel case and you’ll see why IceLink are a hip hop jewelry icon that is so popular today among the rich and famous.

So if you’re planning a round-the-world trip and want to look like a hip hop star while never losing track of the time — or if you just want to look good while staying at home — get on to TraxNYC and check out our selection of stunning IceLink Diamond Watches today.