G Shock Watches at Trax

August 12, 2011 at 10:00 am

Casio G Shock diamond watches are one of our most popular hip hop jewelry choices here at TraxNYC. Casio, a Japanese company, has been at the forefront of modern technological development for decades now. They have been developing and creating crazy G Shock watches since the mid-eighties. It has become one of their most recognizable brand divisions, due in part to their high durability and inexpensiveness.

Our G Shocks are so in demand because of the custom jewelry option that we offer to our customers. You can design your own casing, going as nuts on it as you like while encrusting it with the finest diamonds or CZs and custom patterns, no matter how intricate. With the option of multiple materials, you can make a custom G Shock on any budget.

Mens G-Shock Watches Gold 0 0.15ct

Since we first started hand-setting them a number of years ago they have gained a massive celebrity following. Big time rap superstars like Diddy and his cohorts have been investing in our G Shock watches for years now – you don’t get a better celebrity endorsement than that.

We are proud of our collection of handmade G-Shock diamond watch cases, which incorporate complex displays of diamonds to create some of the hottest hip hop jewelry on the market today. Always setting trends, we are on top of the game right now. We advise you to keep up with our latest creations – they’re pretty much guaranteed to be a cult success.

The possibilities don’t end with G-Shock diamond watches. You can customize any watch with TraxNYC’s state-of-the-art custom jewelry manufacturing capabilities. Just submit your idea to our experienced team of custom jewelry professionals and we’ll have our team of craftsmen get to work on your very own diamond watch creation in no time.