Mens’ Gemstone & Unique Wedding Rings

March 20, 2013 at 4:48 pm

mens gemstone unique wedding ringMens’ gemstone and other unique wedding rings for men have never been more popular. Forget plain old gold bands — these days, men are flocking to more extravagant and luxurious styles for their wedding rings and rings in general. Gemstone wedding rings are unique and many people are enjoying the uncommon and exclusive look that gemstone rings provide.

Gemstone rings such as ruby, emerald, sapphire, and countless others have been enjoying a comeback in recent years. Gemstones provide a bright pop of eye-catching color, especially when surrounded by bright white diamonds which sets off the color brilliantly. Sapphires in particular are known to symbolize romantic love and commitment while emeralds were believed to contain powerful healing properties. And rubies have been once called the “King of  gems”, worn by royalty and symbolizing romance.

The Ancient Greeks believed the ring finger contained the “vein of love” which lead to millions of people wearing their wedding and engagement rings on their fourth finger today. Today you can find countless styles and varieties of gemstone rings, and the popularity of wearing one as a wedding ring is hotter than ever. On the band itself, pierced shapes and filigree detail was often used for achieving a more unique look, especially on platinum bands.

Nearly any gemstone you can think of has been used in an engagement or wedding ring throughout history, and each gemstone is steeped in its own history and uses. Gemstones come in virtually every color of the rainbow. If you have a particular gemstone in mind for your unique wedding ring but are having a hard time finding it, you can always get one custom-made (we do great custom jewelry work here at Trax). It’s never been  a better time to have your wedding ring sport a huge gemstone.