Figaro Gold Chains, Rebellion

May 17, 2013 at 11:06 pm


Figaro Chain

Figaro gold chains have a distinctive feature of one elongated link in between a few shorter links. This breaks up the monotony of the look of the chain and adds a visually stimulating look. They are usually worn by men, with or without pendants. But lately they’ve been incorporated into women’s bracelets as well, using thinner loops and lighter designs. The Figaro design’s inception into jewelry has an interesting history. It came about in the 1960’s representing liberal and bold views, a backslash against then-conservative society. The design integrated into hip hop culture and into the mainstream. The chains worn by Run DMC, when they were blowing up, were Figaro chains. No small wonder then that Figaro chains have garnered the attention of many a prominent figure. If you’ve decided it’s the right time to buy a gold Figaro chain, take into consideration how large and thick you’d like the links to be as well as length. The total gram weight of the chain will depend on these numbers, and the heavier the chain the higher the cost (keeping carats constant). 24k gold is very pure but pure gold is malleable, so you would have to take better care when wearing it than if you wore a 10k chain. The higher the carats, the purer the gold, and all the more lustrous as well — the only downside being its heightened sensitivity to heat and pressure. If you have a physically demanding job and want to wear your chain regularly, you should consider a chain 18 carats or lower. If you want an eye-catching chain for those nights out, a higher carat count is the way to go. Trax has dozens of Figaro gold chains with great prices on gold per gram, from 10k to 24k.