Fancy link chains

May 14, 2013 at 9:02 pm

Fancy link chainsFancy link chains are chains that are connected through a series of links for a distinguishing design, or for flexibility purposes. Men have been wearing such jewelry for thousands of years in order to make their status known to others. They are also worn to showcase an individual’s sense of style and to set themselves apart from others. The trend of such chains has risen over the years especially with the surge in hip hop culture and increasing varieties have been introduced to compliment differing tastes.

Fancy link chains are easy and comfortable to wear. They are flexible and give off a fluid feel instead of being stiff and rigid. With the increasing importance being given to fashion, various designs, shapes and sizes of these chains have come about to appease eager buyers. The colors and shades also vary.

If you are interested in buying such a chain, you need to first consider a few important points before fetching out your wallet or credit card. The first factor that needs to be taken into consideration is the overall appearance and feel of the chain, most importantly — its length.  You need to select the perfect length for yourself, based on the size of your neck and the broadness of your chest. Bulky men would do well to choose a longer chain compared to men who have lean figures. Similar decisions need to be made regarding the weight of the chain, its look, its color and the metals used in making it. A gratifying variety is available on TraxNYC.

The two most popular designs among link chains are the looped chains and the linked spheres. Both have their own appeal for different individuals, although the linked chain seems to be the more preferred one, being available in different styles. If you’re looking to purchase a looped one, some of the popular options that can be considered are the Cuban link, Figaro and Curb link designs.

After selecting the most suitable design, decisions need to be made about the color, metals and the quality. Fancy link chains are made in gold, silver or a mixture of both. The color depends on personal preference and can range from shades of gold and silver, to stark black or a light, rose pink. Two-toned chains can also be bought to make things more interesting. The karats are chosen next, depending on; the preferred strength and brightness, the frequency of use of the chain, and your overall budget. Just keep in mind that higher karats of gold have brighter shades but are not as sturdy as the lower ones. Diamonds can also be added to give off a more glamorous look and add more “bling”.

TraxNYC is a business specializing in custom made jewelry with its office based in New York. It has been operating for a decade and has been living up to the expectations of customers with its precision and high-tech process. The long list of celebrities that have been proud customers of TraxNYC include Justin Beiber, Ludacris, B.o.B, Jay-Z, P Diddy, Akon and Ke$ha. The different designs and colors of fancy link chains offered by the company can be seen here.