Mens’ Jewelry Rings

March 14, 2013 at 5:11 pm

mens jewelry rings

Jewelry rings for men have been around for thousands of years. Worn as symbols of affluence and wealth, mens’ jewelry rings can look very differently from one to another. In fact, in Medieval Europe, only “men of means” were allowed to wear them.

Typically, they have diamonds on the face or around the band and can be made of white or yellow gold. Some contain other diamonds uch as black diamonds, canary yellow diamonds, and many others. (Besides the typical black and yellow diamonds, there are also blue diamonds, pink diamonds, and even purple diamonds. Did you know you could customize any ring you want with any diamond color?)

Compared to typical bands, jewelry rings usually have a more outstanding, attention-grabbing style. Throughout history, men wore ornate thumb rings as a sign of rank — the more ornate and heavier rings signifying higher status. In Europe during the 16th century, these rings also signified your profession to be a physician or doctor.

Today many men wear them as a fashion statement — some men like to display their support for local sports teams by wearing their logo on the ring, or they like to show off a large diamond in the center for that extra eye-catching look. Mens’ jewelry rings are very personal for the wearer since they each have their own very unique facets.

Whatever your style, there’s a perfect mens’ jewelry ring out there for you or your loved one. If you want to recreate a popular ring from a movie, book, or celebrity, consider having one custom made. They start at $300 and you can choose the look, gems, diamonds, and material of the ring you’d like.

Jewelry rings for men are a solid accessory for any look and they’re here to stay. To see the different types of mens’ jewelry rings, check out this link.