Men’s Single Earrings

March 14, 2014 at 8:49 pm


Certain kinds of jewelry have always been in the ‘in’ thing with some men all around the globe. Such jewelry has gained even more popularity with the passage of time, the emergence of modern thought and freedom of expression. More and more men these days prefer to distinguish themselves from the masses by wearing accessories that accentuate their sense of style and set them apart from others.

Men’s Single Earrings are perhaps the most common of all kinds of jewelry and accessories that are being preferred these days. This is because these earrings are extremely easy to wear and do not weigh as much as some chains and bracelets do. Single earrings also set apart men from their opposing gender since women wear earrings in both their ears. Since earrings do not weigh as much as bracelets, rings or chains, all kinds of men can wear them without having to worry about handling their weight. Also, earrings are more visible than other accessories as they do not get hidden behind clothes.

Different kinds of designs have been introduced over the years depending on the preferences and tastes of different kinds of men. The most popular designs these days include prong, classic stud, cube, princess cut, canary, ice cube, skull, round, starlet and playboy bunny. Men can also showcase their uniqueness with the color they opt for. While most men would prefer the classic white or black, there are others who like to mellow things down with rose or shades of yellow. Two-toned earrings are also preferred by some individuals who have colorful personalities.

Diamonds can be put into men’s single earrings to give off a more elitist look. However, the number, quality and size of diamonds to be put in will depend entirely on the budget range of each individual. The preferred metal of use for making such jewelry is gold because it is longer lasting and gives off a more luxurious appeal as compared to other metals.

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