A tale of a Diamond Rolex and a Star

June 24, 2012 at 9:52 am

Diamond Rolex watches and an R&B star make the news. On august 31st 2011, TMZ.com reported Chris Brown was surprised to get his $22,000 diamond Rolex back after it flew into the audience at the VMAs. TMZ later reported that Chris Brown hoped the super honest young lady who handed the watch over to Brown’s bodyguard will get in touch so she can be personally thanked.

According to a rep, Chris Brown gave her tickets and backstage passes to his upcoming tour. Not surprisingly, Chris Brown was happy to get his Diamond Rolex back from an honest fan. We all would be. But not to worry — with the ever growing demand for these beautiful watches the only jewelry market has exploded with an unprecedented variety of Diamond Rolex watches. With its recent unveiling of the Rolex landing page, that high end diamond Rolex is just a click away.

Not just Chris Brown but celebrities’ athletes and people who truly appreciate an extraordinary watch have praised Rolex. “I have believed in the quality and integrity of Rolex for years. I began wearing Rolex watches early in my career, and have so ever since.” –Jack Nicklaus, Golf Legend (2007)

“The thing I like about Rolex is that they don’t compromise. If you’re going to do something, you might as well be the best at it. That’s why I’ve worn a Rolex for over two decades.” –Roger Penske, Racing Legend (1982).

Ringing words spoken by true legends. Get your very own customized diamond Rolex from TraxNYC and be on par with the greats.