Gold Chains – Price Update

September 16, 2010 at 10:48 pm

Current gold prices are driving the gold chains market upward beyond reach. No relief in sight at this point. Long story short, if you have a gold chains hold on to them, if not buy them. This is because the gold price is due to go up if things on the economic side don’t prevail. How’s this for a fact: Gold has been around for thousands of years, and today of all days it is at its peak for all time! We at TraxNYC have not yet raised our prices, so you’re still paying the 1150 price of a few months ago. We cant keep this up for much longer and will be forced to go up again.

Let’s just use our imagination and think what would happen if the gold price reached the predicted mark of two thousand dollars. At that point a 10k semi hallow Franco of 3m and 16 grams (smallest acceptable gold chains on pendants by our standard) will cost 680 dollars more then double what its worth today. On top of that all sorts of other issues would be coming up and it would be virtually impossible to get any gold chains no matter how small for under $200. All of our hip hop jewelry pieces would jump 20 dollars a gram minimum and custom jewelry casting prices will go through the roof.

Lets all write a letter to our congressman so they would stop acting like selfish lazy bureaucrats and got the work done so that our economy would go up, gold price would go down and our necks will feel heavy again!