Custom Jewelry – Maximum Potential

September 2, 2010 at 1:06 am

At TraxNYC we claim to be custom jewelry specialist and masters. We make this bold claim in part because of our experience in the jewelry manufacturing field and our two factories one of which is over seas and the other right here in New York. That being said we make outstanding custom pendants and pieces for really good prices, some of which can be viewed Cartoon pendants. Even with all of our fancy personalized pendants and charms we have not really made one particular piece that can be defined by a “classical work of art”. Not yet at least…

custom diamond jewelry

This piece is made by Cartier for Duchess of Windsor. I don’t know who the Duchess of Windsor is, but I know that the piece that has been made for her is exquisite. What makes this piece of royal custom jewelry so exquisite? Lets make a small list…

1) Flawless diamonds

2) Custom hand carved model

3) Custom cut rubies and emeralds

4) Hand picked diamond sizes by true jewelers

5) Finest hand setting in the world

That short list is what makes this custom piece the world renowned work of art that it is. We wont go into detail here, but most of that work is also put into our custom jewelry that we make with the exception of custom cutting the stones. Please be sure to realize that we can and will make custom jewelry on that level, but perfection has its price. Duchess of Windsors collection of around 300 pieces sold for around three hundred million. That figure includes that heart which rations that piece for around 1 million dollars. At TraxNYC we can deliver that quality at around 150k, and if the Duchess spent a million with us, that piece would have been something that she would want to take to the grave with her, and not sell at any auction.