Hip Hop News Update

December 16, 2010 at 6:34 pm

Christmas music has long been part and parcel of each and every holiday season. From
Thanksgiving to New Years, you hear it in every supermarket, every department store, on the street – everywhere. There is a short period every year where it’s novel and may even get you in the ‘festive spirit’ for a bit, but then for most of us it just gets annoying.

And it’s not just the classic ‘Deck the Halls’ stuff either; in recent years artists like Mariah Carey, Faith Hill and even the White Stripes have recognized holiday music singles for the cash cow that they are. It might seem strange then that image-conscious hip hop musicians should wish to join in on this cheesy Christmas trend. But that hasn’t stopped Kanye West.

West has just released his own addition to the festive music canon, entitled ‘Christmas in Harlem’. Kanye is famed for his love of all things good in life – he is a hip hop jewelry fanatic and is known for starting a ton of new trends – and his lyrics on this song let everyone know that he’s made it: “Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night / Now we all living the good life.”

While it might be unfair to call this song cheesy, it would definitely be strange to hear some hardcore rappers following in Kanye’s footsteps – festive cheer and gangster rap aren’t exactly the perfect pairing! Jewelry on the other hand, that’s something we all want for Christmas. Check out TraxNYC’s holiday deals and you and yours could be getting iced out with hip hop jewelry like Kanye in no time!