Hip Hop Style is Big Business: Hip Hop Jewelry

January 12, 2011 at 8:14 pm

It was recently revealed by Bloomberg BusinessWeek that hip hop clothing is now a $2 billion dollar per year industry. This is not a huge surprise of course. Hip hop culture has gone mainstream over the past two decades and anything that is associated with it – whether it be the music, the cars, the clothes – is constantly in demand.

This growth in the value and popularity of hip hop style has also changed the jewelry industry for ever more. Hip hop jewelry is now one of the most dominant styles out there and it accounts for millions upon millions in sales every year.

But why is it so sought after? Because hip hop jewelry is a symbol, a statement, an embodiment of what impresario Russell Simmons calls “The Nu American Dream.” By wearing the finest gold and the highest quality diamonds, you show that you strive to live the high life, that you want to be somebody and make something of yourself.

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