Hip Hop Jewelry & TraxNYC

August 9, 2010 at 4:07 pm
What is Hip Hop jewelry? Is it what hip hop artist wear? The answer is no, because they wear what we sell them. TraxNYC is the definition of Hip Hop jewelry, we set the trends for the Hip Hop artist and the artists set the trend for the rest of the world. Lets talk about just some of the Hip Hop jewelry trends TraxNYC.com has started. Ever heard the term “Toni Bracelet”? Did you ever wonder how it got that name? We coined that term 6 years ago after one of our customers; Toni from Allen Town P.A. Toni bought the 2 of the fallowing items which had the same type of setting:

Toni Bracelet

Toni Cross

Since the setting did not have a name yet, and he was the first to make it a set we called it the Toni bracelet and cross, coining that name for the entire Hip-Hop jewelry industry until this day.