Mens’ Engagement Rings

March 15, 2013 at 4:10 pm

mens engagement ringIn choosing your men’s engagement ring, today you have more options than ever. Gone are the days when only gold wedding bands were appropriate for men. These days, more opulent and eye-catching styles have become very  popular among soon-to-be husbands. Marriage and engagement rings signify the promise you make to your fiancee, and the circle design of the ring symbolizes a never-ending ring of trust, support, and love that a marriage represents. This is why it’s important to choose an engagement ring that speaks to you personally, that you will enjoy wearing day-to-day, while keeping in mind the daily activities you engage in as well as the overall look the ring will add to your dress.

Men wearing wedding or engagement rings is a fairly recent practice. Before the 1900s, it was virtually unheard of. The wife usually wore a ring, to signify her as her husband’s “property.” But during World War 1, men started to wear rings as well, as a show of their commitment during their stint in the war. By the time WW2 came around, it was common for men to wear wedding and engagement rings. It is a clear and visible display of the man’s loyalty and duty to his wife.

In the beginning of this practice, most men wore plain metal or gold bands. These rings were often not decorated; men in those days favored very simplistic band designs, leaving the more intricate details to women’s rings.  But as women’s engagement rings became bigger and adorned with diamonds, this practice spread to men’s engagement rings as well.  Today you can find all manner of engagement rings for men — with or without diamonds, in any sort of metal of your choosing, or even adorned with semi-precious gems and stones.

Today’s best sellers in men’s engagement rings often  come with diamonds all around the wedding band or with at least 1-3 diamonds on the top, for a sparkling effect. It has also become popular for the wife and groom to get matching engagement rings. This can be accomplished by getting the rings custom-made or by simply choosing rings that look similar in style.

When choosing your engagement ring, consider how often you’ll wear it, how malleable the gold in the ring would be, and how dressed up or down you’d like it to look when you go out on the town. It is all about your personal preference and lifestyle. Whatever the case is for you, you can find the perfect men’s engagement ring if you look hard enough, and in the age of the internet it’s never been so easy to find affordable engagement rings. Shop around,  check out the different styles and prices. We at Trax are proud to be located in NYC’s diamond district, which means we have access to the lowest prices on diamonds and gold in the entire USA. Karat for karat, you won’t find a better deal than at our diamond and jewelry store.