Men’s Gold Wedding Rings

September 9, 2013 at 10:14 pm

Just like women, men’s gold wedding rings are a beautiful tradition, signifying love and commitment.

Even though women have been adorning wedding rings since ancient times, men have started wearing them only recently. The ancient Egyptian women wore wedding rings on the third finger of their left hand, in accordance with their belief that, the “Vena Amoris” a vein in this finger connected directly with the heart. In Asia the sultans and sheikhs would use wedding rings to tag their wives. However in recent times the mindsets associated with wedding rings have changed quite a bit. Now they are universally regarded as symbols of eternal love between two people.

Some men still regard wedding rings as a female accessory but these are only a few. Men’s wedding rings have become the norm especially in the last half century. Prince William’s decision not to wear one created quite a stir in the media recently. In the past, wedding rings have been made from a variety of different materials, ranging from leather to different metals. Wedding rings for men tend to be simple bands. Now this does not mean that they have to be plain, in fact many companies specialize in producing rings that are simple yet still elegant and aesthetically pleasing.

In modern times, gold and silver seem to be the standard metals for both men and women’s wedding rings. Gold is a wonderful option when buying a wedding ring; compatible with almost all skin tones it makes for a great choice. When buying a gold wedding band for men, there are two choices, yellow gold and white gold. Yellow gold has been a long standing way of expressing love. The bold sparkle of yellow gold flatters any outfit and makes for a great choice for a wedding band, which becomes a daily accessory. The subtle elegance of white gold may appeal to some as the better choice. Whatever the preference, both of these make for an outstanding choice.

Some men choose to forego the simple wedding band for something more embellished. If this is what takes your fancy, then by all means go for a gorgeous wedding band, with beautiful stones and a unique design.

Wedding bands can be simple and elegant but some decorative touches can make them unique. Wedding bands can be engraved with meaningful words as well as delicate designs. They can be also be set with diamonds that will catch the light and make for a dazzling addition. The pure beauty of diamonds can add a beautiful touch, while retaining an exquisite simplicity.

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