Hip Hop Jewelry Update

June 27, 2011 at 6:37 pm

Hip hop jewelry seems to be in the news more and more these days – and for the right reasons too. The likes of Russel Simmons and countless hip hop superstars are using their names to promote jewelry lines and to attract a younger hip hop crowd to what some still insist on calling ‘bling’. Can we get a new word for it already please?

Regardless, here at TraxNYC you will always find the hottest hip hop jewelry pieces. We’ve been around since the early days when iced out pendants and the like were just starting to come into their own. Today we sit at the pinnacle of the industry, and thus we can offer you the best pieces at the best prices – you’ve never seen the likes of what we have in our showrooms.
As such, we don’t have to hire big hip hop names to promote our brand. With TraxNYC it works the other way round. That’s right, the stars flock to us for their diamond jewelry. They know we are a lot more than just some cocky company with a marketing gimmick – we’ve got an entire history of working with the biggest names in the industry to back up our claims.

From Ludacris to BOB, from Diddy to Ke$ha, we get the chart toppers looking to TraxNYC for hip hop jewelry inspiration. But we don’t leave our regular customers behind either. Just check out the brand new Junior Cross and 14K Franco Chain Set. This tried and tested combo is given a new twist in this all-in-one offering. Crafted from top quality white gold, it features a 1.00ct micro-pave set diamond cross and 24 inch, 33.20 gram Franco, all for the great price of $1,570.
They say that at TraxNYC we cater for everyone, from the streets to the stars, and we’d have to agree. Whatever you’re looking for, come to us and you’ll be amazed to find one of the most outstanding selections of hip hop jewelry on the planet!