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November 30, 2010 at 6:21 pm

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You may remember the Bernie Madoff controversy from a few years ago, where billionaire stock-broker Madoff ripped off tons of high profile investors in a disastrous ponzi scheme. While he remains in prison – and is likely to do so for a long time to come considering he was sentenced to 150 years – his ill-gotten gains are gradually being sold off at public auction.

Last week some of his former diamond jewelry possessions sold at an NYC auction, one of them being his wife’s 10.5ct diamond ring. It was bought for a whopping $550,000 by a mysterious gentleman who refused to identify himself to the press. Madoff, who became a symbol of greed and deceit on Wall Street, also had a lavish collection of watches. One of his vintage steel Rolex “Moon Phase” diamond watches sold for $67,500 at the NYC sale, topping a $60,000 minimum estimate.

At TraxNYC we were appalled to hear of this diamond ring selling for such a ridiculous price. $550,000! Of course it sold for so much because some people want to be able to say it used to belong to the notorious Madoff – but come on, be sensible. TraxNYC can provide you with a diamond ring of the highest quality with roughly the same carat weight for less than FIFTEEN times the price.

Diamond Jewelry at New York

That’s right, our First Lady Ring showcases an unbelievable 9.24 carats of SI and V quality diamonds in a combination of pave and prong settings. This piece of diamond jewelry really will make you feel like the First Lady, which is much better than feeling like some Wall Street criminal, and it will cost you just $34,799!

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