Diamond Crosses and Diamond Bracelets

November 14, 2010 at 12:21 pm

Last Sunday we told you about some of the best diamond jewelry deals that we had to offer you. This Sunday, in order to ease you into yet another wintry work week, we want to do the same. Specifically, we would like to highlight two of our best value Diamond Crosses and Diamond Bracelets for you. Prepare to witness some amazing diamond jewelry!

One of our best-selling Diamond Crosses is the 5 Bezel Cross. This beautiful diamond jewelry specimen is suitable for a man or a woman and features 0.75 carats of startling SI diamonds set in luxuriant 14K yellow gold. For such quality of diamonds and keeping in mind today’s gold prices, this Diamond Cross is a bargain at $500. Don’t miss out!

Sticking with great value diamond jewelry best-sellers, you need to check out our JoJino VTY-D05 Diamond Bracelet from Joe Rodeo. This fashionable piece incorporates 0.27 carats of top quality SI diamonds into its white stainless steel body (identical to white gold) as designed by Joe Rodeo, the world famous diamond jewelry manufacturer. Best of all, it’s yours now for just $145!

Those are some of the best diamond jewelry deals you are ever going to see. No other jeweler, whether online or in stores, can match TraxNYC’s diamond jewelry prices. Our NYC Diamond District location and diamond industry connections allow us to constantly provide you with unbelievable deals such as the Diamond Crosses and Diamond Bracelets you have seen today..