New at TraxNYC: Diamond Crosses, Rings and Watches

November 11, 2010 at 5:44 pm

We’re just past the mid-point of the week and we think it’s about time we stopped telling you about ridiculous celebrities and got down to some serious business! That means, before we head into another weekend, it’s time to show you some of the hottest new stock at TraxNYC. Today we will be looking at Diamond Crosses, Black Diamond Rings and – the ‘icing’ on the cake if you will – IceLink Diamond Watches.

Diamond Crosses are an ever-popular part of our extensive diamond jewelry repertoire here at TraxNYC. Their long-lasting popularity can probably be attributed to the fact that Diamond Crosses have a much deeper meaning and a greater significance to people than your average piece of diamond jewelry.

Our new Tri Color Empire Cross blends modern hip hop jewelry style with a classic Mens Diamond Cross design. It features 1.1 carats of blue, G and canary diamonds set in luxurious 10k yellow gold. This will have you looking like a hip hop superstar as soon as you put it on – and for the sale price of $390 it’s a steal.

If you’re looking for a fresh new Diamond Cross that’s in a slightly higher price bracket, check out our 3.20ct Mens Diamond Cross 19913. It features a host stunning of round and baguette cut SI1 diamonds making this one of the most iced out Diamond Crosses in this price range – it’s yours for $2990!

Black Diamond Rings are taking the diamond rings market by storm. Black diamonds are generally less expensive than other grades of diamonds which makes black diamond jewelry less expensive than other diamond jewelry. So if you feel like you need some diamond jewelry that looks great but you don’t have a lot of spare cash, a Black Diamond Ring might be just the thing for you.

For an all new, iced out Black Diamond Ring check out our 3 Row Black Diamond Ring. It features an incredible 2.90 carats of AAA quality black diamonds set in striking 10k white gold. This jaw-dropping Black Diamond Ring will only set you back $700 – an amazing value for a piece of diamond jewelry with such a high carat weight.

IceLink Diamond Watches have been to the forefront of our luxury diamond watches collection for quite some time. Some of the latest pieces we have added to our IceLink Diamond Watches collection really push the boundaries of diamond timepiece design to a whole new level,

Take a look at the IceLink Renaissance Watch for an example of mid-range diamond watches manufacturing at its sublime best. This diamond watch features a 2ct VS diamond arrangement on a fully iced dial – all for just $845. If you want a once-in-a-lifetime diamond watch for less, this IceLink Diamond Watch is the one for you.

Take inspiration from this small sample from our world-renowned diamond jewelry collection and pick up an amazing piece for yourself from TraxNYC today. And, as if you needed any further incentive, if you act now you’ll be just in time for some great holiday season deals!