Diamond Jewelry Global News

October 26, 2010 at 4:05 pm

It was reported today that a rare emerald cut pink diamond will go to auction at Sotheby’s in Geneva, Switzerland next month. It is expected to sell for £24,000,000 – that’s equivalent to $38,000,000! Count them zeroes! The stunning diamond is set into a ring making it one of the most expensive pieces of diamond jewelry on the planet.

This example demonstrates the huge demand out there for diamond jewelry even in today’s recessed economic climate. That’s why our diamond jewelry business is booming here at TraxNYC – but you don’t have to worry about spending a million dollars to get a great piece of diamond jewelry from us!

In saying that, we do have a million dollar stone in our diamond jewelry repertoire. The Gran Canaria Intense Yellow Diamond is VS1 quality with a whopping weight of 27.59ct. There are only 4 of these stones in the world today. What makes the Gran Canaria Diamond so extraordinary and rare is its unmatched size, intense color and jaw-dropping clarity.

When weighing all of these critical measures, the Canaria is without peers in the world of diamond jewelry. Furthermore, unlike many other famous yellow diamonds, the Gran Canaria is certified by the world’s foremost authority, the Gemological Institute of America, the sme institute that has verified the pink diamond that is hitting the headlines.

The Canaria is also completely devoid of any fluorescence. Flouresence is common in diamond jewelry and interferes with the flow of light making the diamond appear a little oily or murky. The Canaria’s complete lack of flouresence gives it what has been described as a supernatural appearance because of its incomparable diamond jewelry brilliance. All these factors make the Gran Canaria Diamond the standard by which other famous items of diamond jewelry will be judged by. It is yours for $1,375,000!

Now that you know that our diamond jewelry collection can compete with the best dimaonds that anyone else in the world has to offer, pick out the piece of diamond jewelry that you’ve always dreamed of today. And we assure you that you won’t need to spend a million bucks to own some diamond jewelry that you will cherish forever.