Hip Hop Jewelry Super Piece – Louis Vuitton

September 30, 2010 at 6:03 pm

Pharrell Williams, a known hip hop super star has recently been spotted wearing a custom diamond pendant manufactured by Louis Vuitton pictured below.

Hip Hop jewelry pendant

As far as something compared to the super intricate Hip Hop Jewelry we make here at TraxNYC this piece is pretty simple. More or less its a simple disc with high quality diamonds arranged in the shape of the Louis Vuitton logo with a smiley face on it. Their is a little more to it then that, stuff like diamond setting and model mold makes a big factory in a fine hip hop jewelry piece. For example here are three examples of our favorite hip hop jewelry master pieces

Best Seller: Hip Hop Mens Diamond chain

Best Seller: Hip Hop Mens Diamond ring

In our opinion, these hip hop jewelery icons that have been on our site for years are light years ahead of what that Louis Vuitton has to offer. Regardless of that one of our best clients of our hip hop jewelry line requested the manufacture of this pendant.

Check out the image, and you can see the rest of the images and video of this piece here.

hip hop jewelry