Diamond Gucci – Watch Trends pt.2

August 18, 2010 at 4:30 pm

The Custom Diamond Gucci Trend is another one catapulted by TraxNYC’s custom jewelry popularity. We started off with the first 2 standard Gucci watches, the “Standard G” and the “Digital Gucci Full” . With the intense popularity and success of these two custom Gucci watches we expanded. All sorts of diamond qualities and variations where experimented but only a few stand out to day to be truly custom jewelry by TraxNYC standards. The super Gucci which had mention in earlier posts and the one we are looking at below, the “Bumble Bee Gucci Watch”.

Custom Diamond Watch

What makes this custom diamond watch so special is the diamond variation. Once you say to yourself I will go for the 2 yellow 2 black interchanging variation your setting yourself up for a super high end custom diamond watch exclusive to the world. More exclusive then any limited addition Rolex or any numbered watch. You are the only one with this watch, and most important you are the creator. Yellow and black is nothing special. There are so many combination and colors available that the sky’s the limit. If your serous about your diamond watch game, and want to get going on a project that will turn heads and be exclusive to you then head over to our custom jewelry page and get started now.