Canary Euphoria Earrings

January 20, 2012 at 5:20 pm

Here at TraxNYC there are many things we pride ourselves on. First and foremost it is our top quality items and the fact that we make these top quality items available to everyone and anyone who has a love of opulence. Second, it is our pleasure to assist our customers and bring to them a seemingly endless variety of products, in particular, Diamond Earrings.

You want them – we have them. Small earrings, large earrings, colorful earrings, earrings for men and women! Sold by the pair or buy one single earring, you’re search for the perfect ear gear ends here.

 Canary Euphoria Earrings

Take these Canary Euphoria Earrings for instance. For someone who is looking to make a statement these earrings are more than fitting. 3.52 ct in a prong setting for a total weight of 2.50 grams. The black diamond center stone is surrounded by 17, rare, Canary Yellow Diamonds. If you like making a bold statement and showing off your top notch taste these earrings are the perfect pair for you.

Now that we’ve covered something as trendy and bold as those Canary Euphoria Earrings, here is a pair of classic Diamond Earrings, a pair that makes a statement yet they are completely refined – sure to never go out of style.

These XL Diamond Solitaire studs are the ultimate accessory. Weighing in at 2.60 grams, each stud is 2 ct. (4 ct. t.w.) in a White Gold prong setting. My personal favorite, this Solitaire pair is absolutely flawless, sure enough to make anyone’s mouth drop.

Whether your preference is trendy or classic chic, here at TraxNYC we have it all. Not to mention, in case you didn’t already know, we also customize orders. So if you fall in love with a pair of Diamond Earrings (it’s hard not too) and would like to make some of your own personal touches TraxNYC is here to assist you.

The Canary Euphoria Earrings and the jaw dropping XL Diamond Solitaire Earrings are just two of many gorgeous pairs of earrings we have here at TraxNYC. So if you’re looking for the perfect pair look no further! Check us out, find the pair that best suits you and place your order!