Calling all diamond lovers, character connoisseurs…

January 16, 2012 at 5:11 pm

Like Frank Sinatra once said, “For as rich as you are it’s much better by far, if you’re young at heart”.

Growing up, who was your favorite cartoon character? Bugs Bunny? Maybe Spiderman? Wouldn’t you love to embrace your inner child?

Calling all diamond lovers, character connoisseurs, and those of you who are young at heart, TraxNYC has something new and innovative they are bringing to the table this year.  Diamond Character Pendants!  Pendants customized to your very own liking. TraxNYC is taking recognizable characters and turning them into wearable art. Intricate detailing combined with exotic materials make for the perfect piece of jewelry (not to mention you would never be able to find anything remotely like this, at these prices anywhere else).

Exotic materials you ask? Think of pendants made from not just your regular White and Yellow Gold but Blue Gold, Black Gold, Yellow Gold. Rare diamonds, colors of Blue, Green, and Red.

Take the character Zelda from the famous Nintendo64 video game, The Legend of Zelda. Made from 10k White Gold, the pendant is absolutely stunning. With accents of Yellow, Rose, and Blue Gold, Zelda stands tall, in his usual stance, sword in hand, at 3.4’’ tall. What makes this pendant really spectacular is Zelda’s attire. Green diamonds (3.50ct to be exact!) sparkle on top of Black Gold for the perfect, radiant look.

Normally purchasing a pendant like this can run upwards of $11,000. TraxNYC is taking a modern day approach with these new creations. Thanks to technology TraxNYC is not only able to give you the best quality of these rare materials but they are making them affordable. So everyone who is anyone can enjoy these pendants.

Zelda is one of the many characters that TraxNYC is bringing to life in their Custom Diamond Pendant Collection. These refined pendants make for awesome collectables and amazing gifts. So start a collection today, and place your order!