Hip Hop Jewelry and the iPhone – Are they closer than you think?

October 6, 2011 at 8:00 pm

As you no doubt know by now, Steve Jobs, one of the biggest personalities ever to grace the world of technology, has passed away. Every person, every news outlet, every blog is saying how much he and Apple have changed the world, particularly with the iPhone. This got us thinking – how much of an effect have Jobs, Apple and the smartphone tech they pioneered had on the world of hip hop and hip hop jewelry?

We heard an argument recently that gadgets and technology have become more important to rap superstars than hip hop jewelry. We know that that is BS straight up – do you really think jewelry aficionados like Lil Wayne and Gucci Mane would value a new iPhone 4S more than a sick hip hop diamond pendant? Of course not. Nonetheless, that comment got us thinking…

Take the so-called “clean” hip hop stars, of which Jay Z is probably the figurehead, for example. Having ditched his grimy look of old, Jay is rarely seen in anything more extravagant than jeans and a white T these days. He may have toned down his jewelry use, but he is an avid tech head, rarely spotted without his smartphone, and you can bet he will be first in line for the new iPhone 4S.

The same goes for Dre, although he’s certainly not afraid to keep rockin’ hip hop jewelry. With the explosion of Dre Beats headphones on to the market, he has become a hip hop tech icon, making great music sound even better for his fans and all music lovers – if the marketing spiel can be believed that is.

So what does this merging of hip hop with tech mean for the jewelry game? Nothing much, quite frankly. Jewelry and technology are separate areas of the style universe. And to add to that, hip hop jewelry is already adapting to this changing environment – just check out the diamond encrusted iPod earbud covers in our hip hop jewelry collection!

In the same way Apple launches a new product like the iPhone 4S at regular intervals, we are always bringing you the latest in diamond jewelry trends here at TraxNYC. Look out for more coming soon.