News Update from TraxNYC Hip Hop Jewelry

September 27, 2011 at 7:51 pm

CBS carried a new story today titled “The Latest Hip Hop Trend: Men in Women’s Clothes”. Yeah. We’re not so sure about that one to be honest. Hip hop is and always has been a place for innovation when it comes to fashion and style, but here at TraxNYC we’re going to stick with hip hop jewelry for now!

So don’t have to nightmares about society forcing you to wear your girlfriends clothes, stick to the jewelry side of the game – that’s where all the big players play anyway. Here at Trax we take it to the max with our huge hip hop jewelry selection. From iced out watches to heavvvy diamond chains, we’ve got it all.

Regardless of the often-outrageous clothes that hip hop stars wear – the one’s that hit the headlines – the discerning among us realize that it is their gold and diamond jewelry that’s most impressive. You see a wannabe be star in some crazy outfit but wearing some cheap steel chain, then you know immediately that the guy is just that – a wannabe, aka a nobody.

Jewelry has always made the man, not clothes. And hip hop jewelry makes the modern man. When you get iced out, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. Check out the unrivaled selection at TraxNYC today and prepare to make your dreams come true – and banish your fashion nightmares forever.